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The Appeal of the Environment NGO Council for the Dniester River Rescue

In the context of Ukraine's intention to extend the Dniester Hydropower Complex, Moldovan civil society calls for responsibile stakeholders of high-level and asks the Government:
•to send the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine a letter reminding about Ukrainian state bonds under the Espoo Convention and request environmental impact assessment studies of the hydropower complex Dniester in a Transboundary Context, which has to be consulted with all stakeholders, and first of all with the Republic of Moldova;
• to not sign the agreement on the functioning of the Dniester hydropower complex until completion of the environment, society and economy of Moldova impact studies of Dniester hydropower complex functioning, prepared by UNDP with support from the Swedish Embassy in Moldova and until the presentation and consultation of the Environmental impact assessment study of the Dniester Hydro-energetic Complex in a cross-border context, elaborated by the beneficiary in Ukraine and submitted to consultations with all interested parties in the Republic of Moldova.

The full text of the Civil Society Appeal from the Republic of Moldova can be found here.

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