Who we are

The National Environmental Center (CNM) is a non-governmental, non-affiliated association, registered on March 18, 2010. Members of the National Environmental Center promote respect for nature, harmonious and healthy living and implement activities to achieve this goal, The Republic of Moldova and the neighboring countries.

The National Environment Center aims at developing the environmental education among the population, raising awareness and mobilizing all citizens, as a joint effort of all the actors of society (civil society, public authorities, business community, educational institutions, mass media, citizens) to restore natural balance and to tackle the path of sustainable and prosperous development.

We believe that it is the responsibility of each of us to protect nature and to keep the world in which we live, regardless of the "world" we refer to: the neighborhood, the sector, the city, the community in which we work, learn or live. A responsible person recycles waste, throws waste in special places, procures and consumes products, goods and natural resources rationally, plant trees, prevents pollution of water, soil and air, does not bribe or bribe for environmental permits, decides openly on take account of environmental irregularities and take action to combat environmental violations.

Pollution and degradation of the environment, water, soil, air, forests affects each of us individually, directly or indirectly. Recognize or not, but we all bear the consequences! That is why it is important to involve each of us in environmental protection actions.

We believe that man has the capacity to realize that he is a part of the environment and will act for a harmonious cohabitation with all living things in nature. We want this world to be beautiful still, unless we take care of nature, as she takes care of us. If we humans want to survive on Earth and not in a life alien to our aspirations, we must understand that we need not only sufficient food and artificial products of the industry but also a healthy environment. That is, fresh air, drinking water, fruitful soils, safety against the aggressive factors that affect our health, beautiful landscapes, the diversity of the vegetable and animal world, and all these things that keep the balance of life.

We believe that we can all have it, just acting in a team. A team of partnerships between NGOs, mass media, educational institutions, local and municipal public authorities, Ecological Inspectorates. A large team of people with different occupations but with a common aspiration - a clean environment.