What we do

The mission of the organization is to promote the right to a healthy environment and the ecological education of various population groups by creating partnerships between various actors of society at local and national level. The target groups of the CNM in the implemented actions are local and central public authorities, non-governmental organizations, schools, as well as the research and business sectors.

  The area of expertise of the National Environmental Center is the protection of water resources, especially surface water and ecological education.

  The activity directions of the National Environmental Center concern four aspects:

  Through its activities, the CNM aims to increase the capacities of the target groups in order to raise the awareness of the importance of water resources for the existence of life, to adopt a responsible attitude towards water resources, thus diminishing their pollution and contributing to the rehabilitation of water resources.

The National Environment Center is a member of the following councils / committees:

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, Ina Co┼čeru is a member of the Steering Committee, autumn 2016-fall 2018;

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum aims to strengthen civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries as well as to promote cooperation and exchange of experience between civil society organizations in the partner countries and the EU.

EU-MD Civil Society Platform for Monitoring of EU-Moldova Association Agreement (since 2016);

The Civil Society Platform complements existing political bodies under the EU-Moldova Association Agreement. This allows civil society organizations from both sides to monitor the implementation process and to prepare the recommendations of relevant Moldovan and EU authorities.

• The National Environmental NGO Council (since 2011);

The purpose of the Council is to strengthen the cooperation of the environmental associative sector in order to ensure the process of connecting to the European standards for the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection in the Republic of Moldova.

• The Sustainable Use and Protection Committee of the Dniester River Basin (since 2018);

National NGO Council (2011-2017);

The National Council of NGOs in Moldova is to create a favorable framework for the sustainable development of organizations by involving them in the process of discussing / launching / monitoring the draft laws and public policies that influence NGO activity.

• Member of 3 sub-basin committees (Raut, Ichel and Bic).