Ecological education

Ecological education is one of the key priorities for the National Environmental Center. We believe that environmental education is of great importance in the development of the country, as the visions and attitudes formed in childhood play a key role during the whole adult life. It does not matter  which sector will later the adult choose if he has been actively involved in various environmental and civic activities in childhood. He certainly will be an active citizen, progressive minded and environmentally friendly person.

After the collaboration with young people interested in environmental issues, the National Environmental Center obtained valuable partners and resources in promoting environmental issues. This collaboration brings  fruitful results.


Thus, during 2012 more than 300 students from 60 schools located in the basin of Bic river together with their teachers were trained on biological monitoring of surface water quality. Water quality is assessed by using aquatic beings which require specific living conditions. Many of the organisms that inhabit rivers are sensitive to changes of water quality. The method consists in collecting macroinvertebrates to identify them and determine the water quality. Water quality categories (excellent, good, satisfactory and poor) are determined basing on the level of tolerance of organisms found. The purposes of these activities are not only to increase the awareness level on ecological problems but also to promote non-formal learning and teaching methods. The students were actively involved in these activities managing to convince even the most conservative professors that the practical activities are often more useful than the theoretical ones.

In March 2013 the National Environmental Center Foundation with the support of the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest and the US foundation EcoCatalyst organized the first Youth Forum in the basin of Bic river. The event gathered about 450 participants: students and teachers, environmental specialists, LPAs  reperesentatives, members of the Bic Basin Council, environmental NGOs and journalists. The forum was divided into two parallel sessions:


Entertainment Performance category where were awarded the winners of the Photography and video contest "Let’s save together the Bic river!" announced in January 2013 by the National Environmental Center;

Debates on ecological issues of Bic river with the participation of young people and relevant bodies.

Unique moments and emotions had the participants during the awards ceremony on categories: photos, video and entertainment. The evaluation work was done by a competent jury consisting of experts on environmental issues, journalists and artists. The works were evaluated depending on the authenticity issue, message and relevance.


In April 2013 more than 2,000 young people were mobilized for the cleaning campaign “ The Big Cleaning Campaign in the Basin of Bic river”. Subsequently, in September there was organized the second cleaning campaign with the slogan “Love your river!” which gathered more than 2000 people.

In July, 25 young activists, future leaders and promoters of environmental values ​​participated in an ecological expedition along the Bic. For a week, they went on foot 155 kilometers along the river and identified the sources and pollution factors of the river.

In September 2013 about 1000 young people were mobilized within the flashmob caravan “Love your river!”  The flash mob caravan was organized in Calarasi, Straseni, Ialoveni, Anenii Noi rayons and Chisinau municipality. Earlier, in May 2013, there was organized a flash mob the Great National Assembly of Chisinau. The purpose of these actions was the aware the population on the danger if we will not join forces to save our river.