Ecological Rehabilitation of Cubolta stream

The Ecological Rehabilitation Cubolta stream initiative began in 2004 and was implemented by REC Moldova, later taken over by the National Environmental Center, who implemented the pilot project "Save Our Streams" (SOS). This project was supported by several American foundations. Subsequently, the initiative has developed into a Small Grants Program in the basin of Cubolta River stream, Small Grants Program for biology teachers in Galati county (Romania) and the Chernivtsi region, Novoselytsa locality (Ukraine).

"Save Our Streams" project (SOS) was launched in Moldova in 2004 at the initiative of several foundations from United States of America – Ohrstrom foundation, Global Environmental and Technology Foundation and Izaac Walton League of America and implemented by REC Moldova. The main goal of the initiative was raising awareness of the population on the importance of protecting the streams and rivers in Moldova. was launched in 2004 and later has evolved into a small grants programme implemented in the basin Cubolta River. The project aimed to raise awareness of local population on protection of small rivers and served as an instrument of environmental education in the country. The basic method promoted by the project was to determine the water quality of small rivers through the method of biological monitoring. The main local partner of the initiative was the institute of Zoology of academy of Science of Moldova who participated in the development of the Guide on the assessment of the stream’s water quality through biological monitoring. As a result of this initiative, many teachers and NGOs from Moldova were trained on how to apply biological monitoring and test the water quality in streams and rivers. Hundreds of schoolchildren were trained on how to apply this very simple method and it was decided to expand de SOS program in Moldova to the neighboring countries – Romania and Ukraine. The program was implemented in those administrative units which have a common border with Moldova. Thus, activities of raising public awareness on the importance of streams protection and conservation were implemented in the basins of Dniester and Prut rivers – which are forming the border of Moldova on the east and west of the country.

The program beneficiaries identified many pollution sources and factors of degradation of streams and rivers and decided to go forward with solving those problems which affect the stream and the rivers.

In order to help beneficiaries solve the problems which affect the stream a pilot project on “Environmental rehabilitation of Cubolta stream” was implemented in Moldova. The project promoted the implementation of the integrated water resources management in Moldova and the involvement of different relevant stakeholders. During the implementation of the project, the following results were obtained:

Thus, in order to promote the implementation of the Cubolta Management Plan a Small Grant Programme for the environmental rehabilitation of the Cubolta stream was launched in early 2012 to help the people from Cubolta stream basin solve environmental problems which affect stream. The Programme was supported financially by GETF.

Small Grants Programme Cubolta River Basin