e-Transparency of the Environment

Implementation period: March13 – December 31, 2011

Water is the symbol of life. Lack of water means desert, excess - catastrophe. Society and life itself is inconceivable without water. If up till now there was the assumption that it is an inexhaustible and self cleansing resource, today we discover that it is as vulnerable as a living being.  The quality of our lives and health depends on what we drink, or rather we are what we drink.

Water is also a way of transmission of contagious diseases, sometimes epidemics that cause sudden illness. These can be typhoid, dysentery, cholera, polio, hepatitis epidemic, parasitic diseases, etc. According to an UN report, the polluted water kills more people than the wars or other type of violence.

Studies which were developed in the Republic of Moldova show that over 50 percent of country's drinking water is polluted, and over 80 percent of rural inhabitants do not have access to safe drinking water.

The environmental legislation of the Republic of Moldova is very precise in terms of assuming the responsibilities of each actor on the measures of environmental protection and prevention of pollution, for the sole purpose - to provide appropriate environmental conditions for the health and lives of its citizens.

Thus  the Law on Environmental Protection no. 1515  states that "environmental protection represents a national priority, regarding directly living conditions and the health of population, economic achievement and socio-human interests, as well as sustainable development capacities for the society in future.”

Article 10 of Law no. 1515  lists the responsibilities of public administration authorities of the commune (village), city, local authorities responsible for environment and health who should: “a) ensure the preservation of clean environment and rational use of natural resources, exercise permanent control on legislation observance regarding environmental protection;” and “d) ensure the construction and operation of treatment plants in accordance with established standards for waste waters, monitor equipment and pre-treatment devices of wastewaters and retention of pollutants;”

Every citizen of the Republic of Moldova shall respect the legislation on environmental protection and protect the environment, use rationally the natural resources, not harm the rights and interests of other beneficiaries of natural resources, report quickly to the environmental authorities or ecological organisations  about the damages caused by both, physical and legal entities (Article 31 of Law no. 1515)

The exercising state control function regarding law observance and other regulations on environmental protection issues and use of natural resources is attributed to the State Ecological Inspectorate (Art.26 of Law no. 1515)

However, the real situation in the country is more than alarming! Environmental law is flagrantly and frequently violated, and no one wants to take the responsibility for these crimes. And we bear all the consequences. This setting is a danger for future generations, also.

What are the reasons for these crimes? Ignorance, indifference, irresponsibility, incompetence, corruption ... It is up to everyone to become informed and to act against these illegalities! Their illegality is our suffering!

Thus, the National Environment Center, in partnership with IT products company in the Republic of Moldova, "Trimetrica" , offers via an online map, the access to information on sources and pollution level of surface waters in Moldova.

These outbreaks of pollution are documented by video materials and data on laboratory analysis of water testing.