Communication Strategy on Surface Waters in Republic of Moldova

Communication Strategy on Surface Waters in Moldova

In the context of public information on the need of protection of surface waters , Territorial Organization (TO) Chisinau Ecological Movement of Moldova in collaboration with the National Environmental Center initiated the public consultations of  the Communication Strategy draft on surface waters , developed by TO Chisinau Ecological of Movement of Moldova within the project "Strengthening Civil Society in Moldova for a better environment" implemented through the MATRA program of the Dutch Government, by Milieukontakt International.

The goal of the strategy is to establish an effective communication with all stakeholders in the basin of rivers and streams in Moldova to promote the concept of integrated surface water resources management. However, this document required transparency and efficiency for all the partners to know the actual state and problems identified regarding the quality and quantity of water in rivers and streams, to assume the responsibility, to inform target groups about the need and to protect water resources. Starting with July 25 until September 12, 2012, the document was presented to the public for amendments and comments and was improved.