Eco-School - the way to sustainable development (phase II)


Implementation period 01.09.2012 - 31.08.2013

The overall objective of this project is to educate the young generation in the spirit of sustainable development, by means of democratic participation and environmental education.

The project "Eco-School – the way to sustainable development" (phase II) has been implemented in the Theoretical Lyceum "Principesa Natalia Dadiani" in Chisinau during September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2013.

Within the project there was implemented the Environmental Action Plan approved by the Eco-School Council, which was developed within the first phase of the project in the Republican Lyceum of Real Sciences. So, for during one year there have been developed and published three newsletters "Eco-School" on environmental issues (300 copies each). However, with the support of NEC, young people developed and published three themati booklets on water protection (two issues) , air pollution (2 issues ) and waste management (2 issues), which were distributed throughout the lyceum, in order to organize a poll. Also, young people writo articles about the activities and results of Eco- School project which were disseminated to local media.

In the school, there were organized 6 environmental days (2 days of water protection, 2 days of air pollution and 2 days of waste management). These activities have been visited by the representatives of the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest , Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment, NGOs, the media. The most active students were awarded at a ceremony organized on this occasion.

At the end of the project there was developed and published a booklet with the Eco-School program results in the LT Princess Natalia Dadiani .

It is important to note that by means of this project, NEC managed to establish a dialogue with the Ministry of Education in order to discuss possible ways to improve environmental education in compulsory and secondary education, using the experience gained in the project "Eco - School - way to sustainable development”.  Thus in the end of August 2013, within the lyceum  there was organized an information seminar on the effectiveness of this program, where was presented the Assessment Report on promotion environmental education and education for sustainable development in the Republic of Moldova (in schools, gymnasiums and lyceums ), developed by Iuliana Cantaragiu and Andrei Isaac .


This project was financed by the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest.