Promoting sound water resources management in the South of Moldova

Implementing period: 01.04.2014-31.10.2014

Lack of water resources management is a huge problem for Moldova. During the last 20 years surface waters suffered a lot from excessive pollution. More than that, rivers and ground water disappear step by step from various reasons, all of which demonstrate lack of water resources management in the country. The situation of small tributaries of Prut and Dniester rivers is worse than in Dniester and Prut main courses, because of a variety of problems which affect the water quantity and a high level of pollution due to lack of sanitation in the country. The situation with water resources is even more critical in the South of the country. If Northern Moldova sufferers from excessive pollution, then Southern Moldova sufferers from both excessive pollution, very variable and dry climate conditions and lack of surface and ground water. There are villages in the South of the country which do not have any surface or ground water resources and are forced to bring water in tanks from some other places for drinking purposes.

This project will promote the creation of a system of management and use of surface and ground waters basing on evaluation, planning and taking decisions in a participatory manner, establishing a mechanism of water protection, preventing pollution and degradation of aquatic ecosystems, as well as assuring water supply with surface water of settlements which use water from Prut river and with ground water, when they use artesian well water. 

The project will focus on:

The main goal of the project is to improve environmental education and promote sound water resources management which will assure qualitative water supply and sanitation in the basins of Tigheci and Larga streams in the South of Moldova.

Specific objectives include:

The project “Promoting sound water resources management in the South of Moldova” is funded by the Coordination Office for Technical Cooperation of the Austrian Embassy in Chisinau