Moldova votes for European integration and environmental improvement

The project intends to inform the youth of Moldova especially in the North and South of the country on the benefits of European integration in the field of environment and hereby determine the youth of Moldova vote for pro-Western political parties during the Parliamentary elections of 2014 which plead for European integration.
One of the main objective of the project will be to bring necessary information to the youth of the North and the South of the country so they would understand that integration of Moldova in EU will give real opportunities of raising environmental standards in our country and achieve real environmental improvement, strengthen the rule of law, fight against corruption and improve the quality of life. For this CNM will organize two Environmental Youth Festivals “Love your river!” in Balti and Cahul municipalities.
CNM launched the campaign in 2013 in the center of the country and it gained a lot of attention from youth and was very successful. In May 2014 CNM continued to expand the campaign at the national level by organizing the Youth Festival “Love your river!” at the national level, so by implementing this project, the applicant will be able to involve as many young people as possible from the North and from the South interested in environmental improvement and integration of Moldova in EU, which will serve as the formers of the public opinion before the Parliamentary elections of 2014 and determine the population of the North and South vote more for pro-Western political parties which plead for EU integration. This will be achieved through communication of youth before and after the Festivals with their friends, colleagues as well as with family members. In order to gather interested youth to participate in the Festivals CNM will launch a contest on photo, video and theatrical works/presentations which tackle environmental problems of the country especially related to water pollution causing health problems, and benefits of EU integration which will help solve environmental problems.
The contest will be launched in July 2014 with the deadline being October 2014, so youth would have time to prepare competitive works and think/communicate with friends and families more on the subject of the contest. The works will be sent to the applicant before the Festival, photo and video will be selected in advance and winners will be announced at the Festival. For theatrical works, the applicant will develop a one-day programme out of the best works which will fit into a one-day programme and will be selected in advance by a professional jury, for this theatrical works will need to be registered on mobile phones, video recorders etc. and the video will be sent to the applicant by e-mail, post etc. The best works will be selected within the Festivals in Balti and Cahul municipalities by a professional jury formed out of specialists in environmental and arts fields.
CNM will also organize a separate flash-mob in Comrat town of Gagauzia and will cooperate with NGO Piligrim Demo and the Department of Education from Comrat in order to better organize this activity. It is envisage that almost 1000 youth will participate in the 3 flash-mobs. Youth will receive flyers at the flash-mobs on the benefits of EU integration in the field of environment and will disseminate those among the passengers in the street during the events, which will be organized in the centers of towns mentioned.
The main goal of the project is to promote the participation of youth in the election campaign of 2014 in Moldova and support pro-Western political parties which plead for the Moldovan integration into the European Union during the Parliamentary elections 2014.
The project will focus on raising awareness of the youth on the progress made in EU countries in the field of environment, by diminishing pollution of water, and determining the youth to vote for the pro-Western political parties of Moldova during the Parliamentary elections of 2014, which plead for European integration of Moldova.

The project will focus on the following activities according to the priorities of the programme:

The National Environmental Center will organize two Environmental Youth Festivals “Love your river!” within the project in Balti and Cahul municipalities. The events will be organized in October 2014.

The Youth Festival in Balti municipality will be organized for the youth groups from Briceni, Ocnita, Donduseni, Riscani, Edinet, Soroca, Glodeni, Singerei, Falesti and Floresti districts and Balti municipality.


3 flash-mobs will be organised in the project. The first flash-mob will be organised in cooperation with the NGOs from various regions, such as National Center of Youth in Moldova (CNTM), Certitudine from Balti municipality, Perspectiva form Cahul municipality and Piligrim Demo from Comrat town, as well as with the Youth Council “Love your river!”. The flash-mobs will be organized in Balti municipality, Cahul municipality and Comrat town, in the centre of these cities and towns with the participation of hundreds of students. In Balti and Cahul municipalities the flash-mobs will be organized during the organization of the Festivals, while in Comrat town it will be organized separately on another day in October in cooperation with the Department of Education and Piligrim Demo NGO.
The flash-mobs will promote the human right to a clean environment and clean water. It is envisaged that each flash-mob will involve several hundreds of students and overall 1000 students will participate in the flash-mobs, it is planned that the action will last 10 minutes. Also the students will disseminate flyers with the message “Into EU with clean rivers” to the population which will be in the centre of the towns at the time of the flash-mob presentation.  1000 flyers with information on Moldova EU integration and improvement off environment will be published and disseminated to the passengers. Also 100 green t-shirts with the message “Into the EU with clean rivers” will be produced for the flash-mobs in order to be used during the flash-mobs. 

 The project "Moldova votes for European integration and environmental improvement!" is financed by the National Endowment for Democracy