Elaboration of SGP Country Program Strategy, GEF for Operational Stage 6

Implementation period: 20.01.2016-31.05.2016.

GEF's Small Grants Program (SGP) provides grants to non-governmental organizations and community organizations in developing countries to enable them to cope with global environmental challenges while addressing the need for sustainable development. SGP is a corporate GEF program implemented by UNDP and UNOPS. GEF's priority areas include biodiversity, climate change, sustainable soil management, international waters and chemicals.

For Operational Stage 6, GEF pursues the development of a new Country Strategy Program, consulting all relevant stakeholders to determine a region of the country

The National Environmental Center, in partnership with AO "EcoContact", proposes the development of the Strategy, which will be carried out in close cooperation with various interested organizations at local and national level. Following a consultation process, a problematic country region will be selected and the GEF program will directly contribute to solving specific problems. The project will last for 4 months and will result in the development of the country strategy developed for the Operational Stage 6.

The main objective of the project is to develop local solutions to add value at national level to all the global environmental benefits.

This project will undertake a preparation process to develop the Country Strategy, Operational Stage 6. This process will include: public consultation with stakeholders, identification of the region that needs assistance, and developing the country strategy coordinated by the Small Grants Program.

Public consultations will involve local and national organizations to identify priority initiatives that are relevant to the country and will enhance the country's development. As a result of this election, SGP funding activities will be outlined, which will contribute to the achievement of a greater strategic impact, following the synergy and concentration of the implemented projects.

During the implementation of the project, CNM together with "EcoContact" will demonstrate transparency and access to information on event organization. The meetings organized within this project will contribute to a good understanding of environmental issues, as well as to encouraging local NGOs to implement projects.

Event information and organized activities will be displayed on and, as well as on the GEF page.

 This project is funded by GEF and implemented by the National Environmental Center in partnership with AO, "EcoContact".