Management of water resources in the Raut river basin. Organizing the Raut river sub-basin Committee

Raut is a river located in the central part of the Republic of Moldova. It is the largest tributary of the Nistru River and, at the same time, the largest river that springs and flows entirely on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The Raut springs in Donduseni district and flows into the Nistru River in the village of Ustia, Dubasari district. The length of the river is 283 km and the surface of the river basin is 10 000 km2.
Like many large rivers in our country, Răut river can not be considered a clean and unpolluted river, and the level of pollution remains at a high level today.
In order to rehabilitate water resources in the country and to promote the protection of surface waters, the National Environmental Center created 5 sub-basin Committees for the rivers: Bâc, Ichel, Tigheci, Larga and Ciuhur, and on 30.05.2016 CNM signed a new agreement with the Austrian Development Agency, which facilitated creation of the sixth sub-basin committee for Raut river. The role of the Committees is to protect water resources and aquatic biodiversity and to establish an integrated water resource management mechanism.
The project will contribute to strengthening the capacities of local authorities and other relevant stakeholders in the field of integrated water resource management in order to maintain the functioning of the Raut River Basin Council in the future by organizing training activities for the target groups.

The main objectives for the creation of the Raut sub-basin Committee are:

The project will facilitate the creation of the Raut Basin Council, consisting of local public authorities, representatives of civil society, water users and members of the 12 Raut districts.

The project will help to strengthen the capacities of local public authorities and other relevant stakeholders in the field of integrated water resource management. For this, training will be organized for the representatives of the LPA in each district, as well as for the representatives of the District Environmental Inspectorates and the district public health centers and for the newly elected members of the river basin council of the Răut River.

Within the project, educational institutions will be involved in the river water quality monitoring program, trainings with school teachers, sanitation campaigns on several tributaries of Răut will be organized and will involve over 1000 young people and adults , who live on the Raut River.

 In order to identify the priority problems of Răut pollution, the inhabitants of the 12 districts located in the river basin will be assessed about how informed are they about the state of the environment in the Răut river basin. During the summer, 2016, meetings with district presidents, district environmental inspectors and representatives of Public Health Centers were organized.

Those who will benefit from the implementation of the project supported by the Austrian Development Agency will be all inhabitants of the River basin of Raut River, at least 400,000 inhabitants, including those living in the Dniester river basin, inhabitants of the village of Ustia from Dubasari. The main target groups are the 12 District Councils, the Balti town, the Ecological Inspections in this territory, the Public Health Centers and all the schools in the Raut Basin area.

The project to create the Raut Sub-Basin Committee is funded by the Austrian Development Agency.