Smart Waste Management in Eastern Partnerhip Countries

With the entry into force of the Association Agreements (AAs) in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, a new reform agenda has been put for interested parties in these countries. Association Agreements (AAs) set special requirements for countries of Eastern Partnership in the field of environmental protection and in particular in the field of waste management.

In 2016, National Environmental Center together with partners from Ukraine and Georgia implemented the project: Implementation of waste management policies in EaP countries according to association Agreements (Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia). The project was focused on the evaluation of the implementation of the Association Agreements signed by MD,UA and GE with EU in the field of waste management and on the promotion of the implementation of Articles of the Association Agreements related to waste management.

In 2017, the same partners will work on “Smart Waste Management in Eastern Partnership Countries” project, which aims to reduce damage to the environment through improved waste management which would increase environmental protection, energy independence and overall – economic development of the EaP countries.

The previous experience convinced us that waste management improvement starts from sustainable development of households communities. According to the conclusion of experts, 40 % of soil, water, air pollution is provoked by households’ communities. The project aims to reduce the negative environmental impact of households with the help of capacity building, awareness raising and supporting networks and cooperation in the field of waste management. In countries of Eastern Partnership, as Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine 60% of households are located in multi-apartment buildings. 

This project comes to identify the level of implementation of AAs in the field of waste management in the 3 considered countries and involve larger circles of the population to get aware about EaP process, about European reforms in the field of environment to be implemented in MD, UA and GE and what are the steps to be done according to AAs to improve waste management in these countries, diminish the impact on the environment and the health of the population and bring benefits by transforming the mentality of all the interested stakeholders in seeing waste also as secondary raw materials which could be reused, working places could be created and only those fractions of waste which are dangerous would reach accordingly arranged landfills (built in conformity with EU standards).

The activities planned to be implemented under this project includes training sessions for different target groups (leaders of households/household associations, representatives of local public authorities and utilities departments, etc.), round tables to increase the capacities of target groups to implement the new Law on Waste and Eastern Partnership network development in waste management.

The most desired result expected after implementation of this project will be a proper and efficient  implementation of the Law on Waste in Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia, at least at the level of the municipalities where the activities will be organized.

The project won the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Re-Granting Scheme 2016.

The project is supported through the re-granting scheme of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Secretariat, funded by the European Union and National Endowment for Democracy.