The project continues the activities of promoting the principles of integrated water resources management in Moldova, which the National Environment Center has been implementing since 2012.

Since 2012, CNM has facilitated the creation of six sub-basin rivers committees: Raut, Bic, Ichel (Nistru River basin district) and Ciuhur, Larga and Tigheci (river district Prut-Danube and the Black Sea). Until now, CNM has the secretariat of the Sub-Basin Committee of the Bic River, as well as mentoring the other 5 Sub-Basin Committees. As a rule, meetings of sub-basin committees take place in different localities where there are pressing issues that are raised by members of the committees. So far Reports on socio+ecological state have been developed for the sub-basins Bic, Raut Larga and Tigheci, including factual data on environmental pressure exerted by each locality in the sub-basins.

In this project, CNM, comes to continue the activities initiated in 2017 with operators on the subject of wastewater discharge to the sanitation systems or water bodies, being one of the main sources of pollution of surface waters and one of the sources of pollution that puts at risk the functioning of the new municipal wastewater treatment plants. Also, the promotion of ECO detergents will continue to relieve pressures on the operation of municipal wastewater treatment plants. The campaign will be conducted in partnership with the Association of Professional and Business Women in Moldova, that has about 1000 members - businesswomen and leaders in communities where they work, women being the most sensitive to the issues of water quality and being the most important detergents consumers.

In order to restore the water balance in the river sub-basins and taking into account that there are about 300 aquatic basins on average per district, the CNM will initiate the discussion process with the aquatic basin holders in order to passport them for adequate water resource management and respecting the waste flow. At the same time, taking into account that small rivers are in most cases lacking protection strips, CNM will continue the restoration of the protective strips of the Raut River in Orhei, initiated in autumn 2017.

The target groups of the project are: the local public administration in the Raut, Bic, Ichel, Ciuhur, Tigheci and Larga river basins; the decentralized environmental and population protection bodies in the river basins mentioned above, the economic agents and the owners of lakes in the river basins above, the local population of river basins mentioned above who will benefit from the information on the advantages of ecological detergents use. Project beneficiary is the entire population of the Republic of Moldova. At least 90 economic agents will be trained  within the project with regard to wastewater collection, treatment and discharge requirements; at least 250 aqueduct managers will be trained on the process of drafting regulations for the operation of ponds and lakes; at least 1200 people will be informed about the use of ECO detergents; at least 500 people will be involved in planting of 5000 trees on the river Raut banks; at least 50 LPA representatives will participate in the project; at least 35 representatives of decentralized environmental and health protection bodies will participate in the project; the entire population of the country will benefit from the results of the project.

 The project "Involving Target Groups in Promoting Integrated River Management in the Republic of Moldova" is implemented by the National Environmental Center on the basis of the grant from SDC-ADA Project "Strengthening the institutional framework in the water and sanitation sector in the Republic of Moldova (Phase 01)"