EU4Youth: School Garden for the development of agricultural entrepreneurship

Period of implementation

   03.2018 – 06.2022

Source of financing

   European Union and co-financed by the Green Cross International


   150 000 EUR


   Green Cross Belarus

   Green Cross Ukraine

   John Paul II Foundation, Italy


   To foster the employability and active participation of young people residing in disadvantaged rural areas (incl. The Chernobyl one) in society and economy by developing modern labor skills, supporting them in becoming leaders/entrepreneurs and promoting new professional opportunities among them.

Main activities

  • Arranging and equipping at least 8 rural schools/centers owning gardens to transfer the best world practices in order to become business-incubators on practical teaching modern agriculture to rural youth,
  • Study tours of groups of youngsters from other rural schools to business-incubators to introduce modern/organic agricultural technologies and business,
  • Establishing a partner network of business-incubators with other rural schools, communities, regional/national educational/vocational institutions, agricultural-R&D institutions, labor/food market actors, etc., including creation of the internet platform “School Garden” with DB on partners, organic agriculture, farming education, opportunities to improve professional skills and employment, proposals on business, cooperation and start up, market research and other helpful issues, establishment of a joint Coordination Group.