Involvement of target groups in promoting integrated management on small rivers in the Republic of Moldova

Period of implementation

   04.2018 – 08.2019

Source of financing

   Agency “Apele Moldovei”


    50 000 EUR


   Association of business and professional women Moldova


   Promoting the principles of integrated management of water resources at the level of hydrographic sub-basins in order to increase the quality and quantity of surface water in the Republic of Moldova.

Main activities

  • Develop and carry out the information and awareness campaign
  • Information seminars for economic agents, water operators on the requirements for collection, treatment and discharge of waste water in the sewage system and / or in the water emitter for urban and rural localities
  • Information seminars for the owners and leaseholders of the aquatic basins, the local public authorities regarding the need to elaborate and register the Regulations for the exploitation of lakes / ponds (according to GD 977 from 16.08.2016)
  • Information campaign in the media on topics relevant to integrated water resources management
  • Sub-Basin Committee Meetings on the Răut, Ichel, Bîc, Ciuhur, Larga, Tigheci rivers
  • Campaign to promote ECO detergents
  • Planting campaign on Raut River
  • Rehabilitation of a spring from Donduseni district, to increase the water flow in Raut river.


  • Increased awareness of some key actors in order to reduce surface water pollution at the level of hydrographic sub-basin with wastewater and aggressive chemicals;
  • Improvement of the hydrological regime of surface waters at the level of hydrographic sub-basins through the empowerment of key actors and through rehabilitation activities of the protection strips and springs.