Protection and sustainable use of water resources in the Naslavcea-Vasilcău sub-basin

Period of implementation

11.2019 – 11.2020

Source of financing

Agency Apele Moldovei through the SDC-ADA project grant “Strengthening the institutional framework in the water and sanitation sector in the Republic of Moldova (Phase 01)”


31 000 EUR


AO Eco-Sor


Promoting the principles of integrated water resources management in the Naslavcea-Vasilcău basin to increase the quality and quantity of surface waters in the Dniester River Hydrographic District.

Main activities

A. Consolidation of the activity of the Naslavcea-Vasilcău Sub-basin Committee

A1. Evaluation of the state of water resources in the Naslavcea-Vasilcău hydrographic sub-basin.

A2. Supporting the activity of SBC Naslavcea-Vasilcău and the Technical Secretariat.

A3. Increasing the capacities and informing the LPA, the civil society from the sub-basin in the elaboration of the projects for the construction of the sanitation systems, for the restoration of the protection strip / extension of the forested surfaces, etc.

B. Reduction of surface water pollution with wastewater

B1. Creation of the Working group "Sanitation systems" within SBC Naslavcea-Vasilcău.

B2. Increasing the LPA capacities for the implementation of sanitation projects in rural and urban localities

C. Improving the hydrological regime in the sub-basin

C1. Seminars with the owners of the ponds for the elaboration of the Regulations for the exploitation of the accumulation lakes / ponds in the districts of Ocnița and Soroca

D. Pilot projects to restore a selected area

D1. Consolidation of banks / degraded land in the sub-basin by planting trees

D2. Arranging a spring

Expected results

  • 1 evaluation report of the state of water resources in the Naslavcea-Vasilcău hydrographic sub-basin;
  • At least 2 meetings of the Sub-Basin Committee1 extended meeting of the Sub-basin Committee;
  • 1-2 seminars on project development;
  • 1-2 seminars on wastewater treatment in the sub-basin localities;
  • 2 seminars with lake / pond owners;
  • At least 1520 planted trees;
  • at least 1 arranged spring;