Promoting European ecological values at local level in the Republic of Moldova

Implementation period: 11.02.2015 - 30.09.2015

The National Environmental Center (CNM) is an NGO working in the field of environmental protection in the Republic of Moldova and advocates the promotion of European ecological standards at national level. It is obvious that only European values could change the general situation for the better in the Republic of Moldova, including the environment. The Republic of Moldova could overcome the phenomenon of corruption, which is a major obstacle to development and could be identified in all spheres of the country's socio-economic life only through European approaches, including environmental ones. The Republic of Moldova could have clean water, clean air, clean food, and citizens could adopt a healthy lifestyle only if they follow the course of European integration.

For the implementation of the project "Promotion of European ecological values at local level in the Republic of Moldova" 2 rivers were chosen: the Ciuhur River, a tributary of the Prut River (75 km long, flowing through the districts of Ocnita, Edinet and Riscani) and the Ialpug River (114 km long, which passes through UTAG and Cimislia district). Thus, the project will involve in environmental protection activities, communities from northern and southern regions of Moldova, in order to promote European environmental values in the Republic of Moldova.
The main purpose of the project is to promote good environmental protection practices at local level in the Republic of Moldova and the main objectives are to promote European environmental norms during the local public authorities' election that will take place in June 2015, establishing partnerships between schools and local authorities, capacity development of young environmental leaders on environmental issues and the organization of watchdogging activities, strengthening the capacity of new elected local mayors in the field of the environment, strengthening the media freedom of expression on environmental issues.

Thus, two sanitation campaigns will take place in the Ciuhur River Basin (75 km long) and Ialpug (114 km long) with the participation of all localities (more than 40 in both hydrographic basins).
Also, a series of regional seminars will be organized in the Ciuhur and Ialpug river basins, from which will benefit all city halls, school directors, as well as the Departments of Education in both river basins. At these seminars the participants will be trained in reducing the volume of garbage, as well as the importance of promoting European environmental values in Moldova. In order to promote these environmental norms during the elections of local public authorities in Moldova, a video spot on national television will be produced and broadcasted.

In order to prepare the young generation to monitor the results of the sanitation campaigns, two flash mobs will be organized in Ocnita and Comrat, in order to attract the attention of the local population to the problem of polluted rivers and to promote the protection of rivers. These will be promoted through leaflets on how the health of the population is guaranteed by a clean environment in Europe. 
Also during the summer, CNM will organize an expedition for 25 young people aged 15-20 in the Ciuhur and Ialpug rivers.

In order to strengthen the capabilities of the newly elected local public authorities, a guide for mayors will be developed and distributed within the project. It will contain provisions of the legislation that stipulate the responsibilities of mayors in the environmental field. The guide will bring positive European environmental experience to the mayors' attention, and will show examples of poor environmental management in the Republic of Moldova.
Also, a series of regional seminars will be organized in the towns of Balti, Cahul and Chisinau for newly elected local authorities.

The project "Promotion of European Ecological Values at Local Level in the Republic of Moldova" is funded by the US Embassy in the Republic of Moldova and activities similar with the involvement and participation of young ecologists from the Bic River basin and across the country for the protection of water resources and the promotion of European practices had been held in the framework of the projects “Youth in Action” (2013) and Young People's Campaign “Love Your River” (2014) funded by US Embassy and "Moldova votesfor European integration and environmental improvement" (2014) funded by the US Democracy Fund (NED)

This project is funded by a grant from the US State Department. The views, findings and conclusions presented and discussed in the project belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the US State Department.