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The Reed Elsevier Environmental challenge anunță competiție pentru programul de granturi 2014

The Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge is awarded to projects that best demonstrate how they can provide sustainable access to safe water where it is presently at risk and/or access to improved sanitation. Projects must have clear practical applicability, address identified need, and advance related issues such as health, education, or human rights.

There is a $50,000 prize for the first place entry and a $25,000 prize for the second place entry. For the second year, a $15,000 WASH Alliance prize will be given for the third place project. The WASH Alliance is a consortium of six Dutch NGOs promoting hygienic use of sustainable water and sanitation. The WASH Alliance will also provide all three winners with relevant training and professional development up to $2,500 each.

Applicants are offered access to relevant Reed Elsevier products that can help in the preparation of their submissions. And for the first time, all applicants will be offered access to LexisNexis Risk Solution’s open source high performance computing (HPCC) resource, to allow them to process large amounts of research data, supported by online training. The winning projects will be highlighted in the Reed Elsevier journal Water Research. 

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